Candids: The Hollywood Years

CandidsGarbo was seldom photographed in private.  A candid photograph of Garbo was rare. Once in awhile Garbo did not mind a MGM publicity photographer on the set of her films. At the same time, news photographers stalked her every move outside the studio gate just to get a photograph of Garbo.


caricaturesEveryone in the 1930s and 1940s had a field day caricaturing Garbo, from Disney to Covarrubias. What Garbo thought about them we will never know.


magazinesDuring her Hollywood period, Garbo appeared on the covers of many fan magazines. As the years went by she also made the covers of major magazines such as Life, Look, and Paris Match. The public was always fascinated with this woman of mystery.

Garbo's Death

deathGarbo died on April 15, 1990, Easter Sunday, in Manhattan at New York Hospital where she had been undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney disease for over a year. She was 84. Her death made front page coverage around the world.

The Apartment

the apartmentFrom 1953 until her death, Garbo lived in a seven room apartment at 450 East 52nd Street. She was a collector of fine art paintings and was quite a good interior decorator with a taste for Louis XIV and XV French furniture.

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